Vintage Camp Theme Wedding

Vintage Camp Theme Wedding

Lovely Photos by: Lena Peterson Photography. Ever miss summer camp so much that you want to theme your whole wedding around it? The answer is yes! This is an excellent theme for a nice daytime ceremony that you can bring the whole family to. Not to mention the fabulous outdoor nature style photos you can capture at camp!

Wooden stumps galore. Think rustic meets summer camp!

This fun vintage sewing table makes a lovely addition to the outdoor decor and some comfortable seating for the bride & groom.

OMG coffee! Yes. SO much cheaper than booze and who doesn’t like a nice cup of Joe?

Fresh flowers. Check.

Hipster friends that can play instruments. Check.

Mix and match white, cream & peach for the wedding party are a nice contrast to the natural greenery in the background.

Oh this backdrop! What an awesome vintage cabin / church to take photos in front of. Perfection.

Cupcakes truly are the perfect wedding dessert as opposed to one big lavish cake that you have to cut and can make a big mess.

Instead you can add a nice homemade cake to complement the cupcakes.


Venue Camp Alta | Wedding Dress Designer Waters Wtoo | Brides Shoe Designer Mod Cloth | Officiant Dave Bowers | Videographer Josh Felize | Cake Maker Megan Brady

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