The most unique wedding rings – ever!

The most unique wedding rings – ever!

All of these beauties are from

You only get married once right? Well let us hope so anyways 🙂 With the herds of women getting engaged every day it is easy to get lost in the crowd with a super boring engagement ring. Guys listen up – we don’t want another run of the mill Zales diamond ring that looks like our mom’s. For one it will remind of the divorce. For two… it’s just lame! This super cool online retailer offers something for every style but still very unique without having to mortgage your house for it. Trust me – they are amazing and diamonds are just overpriced because they withhold the supply to keep the prices up. It is just a rock folks. Yes just a rock. Get over it.

Moving on.

This gorgeous collection of oh-so-dainty and feminine rings can be worn together or separately for a minimalistic feel. They are extremely feminine and will go with any look from modern to bohemian style. Below are the links to each individual ring from this photo.

Grace Opal & Diamond Ring $330.00

Violet Garnet with Peach Morganite Petals Ring $530.00

Emerald Octagon Ring $490.00

White Diamond Peak Ring $495.00

White Diamond Hexagon Ring $610.00

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