Minimal Black & White wedding Theme with an edge

Minimal Black & White wedding Theme with an edge

Lovely Photos by: Salt N’ Pepper There is a way to do a minimal wedding theme without being completely boring – we promise. Stick to the classics – black and white with pops of color and you can’t go wrong. It’s the details that matter in a minimal wedding theme.

This gorgeous lace white vintage style dress sets the stage for minimal black accessories. Her lovely belt, the one nail that is painted black while the rest are painted white and her black ribbon holding her braid all are the little details that really make this stand  out. Remember don’t overdo it with jewelry – keep it simple!

This is one of our favorite details of the whole thing – paper flowers for the bouquet. Not only is this budget friendly, but it is very artistic and unique making it look anything but cheap. It also keeps with the black & white theme nicely.

Black and white Vans? Yes! Nothing is worse than sore feet on your big day. Besides nobody will be looking at your shoes 🙂

Hipster glasses? Check! Don’t wear contacts, sport your cool black framed glasses to complete the look.

Mason jars are probably the #1 must-have for a wedding these days. They are cheap, easy & go with every single wedding theme out there including minimal.

Finish them off with fun colored straws for a pop of color.

These tiny little appetizer/dessert dishes are the perfect size not to fill you up and allow your guests to try a variety of dishes. Keeping them clear is a nice touch to  not take away from the food.

White dishes, place cards, white napkins and silver is a great classic look that always works.

This is a nice touch to add a handwritten note on each of your place settings along with some glitter perfume.

Lego cake topper??!! That came out of nowhere but it totally bitchin’ LOVE this.

They love it too!

Again with animal  face masks. I am telling you they are a fabulous accessory and fun way to laugh with your friends. The contrast between the nice clothes, suits and dresses is a very hilarious look.

Get a DJ to spin some tunes instead of hiring a full band.

Bride Hair: AD&D Parrucchieri

Make-up: Chiara Carlomusto

Groom Hair: Elle Parrucchieri

Dress: Pronovias

Shoes: VANS & Doc.Martens


Villa Lais

Il Fico (Grottaferrata)

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