How to have a hipster style wedding

How to have a hipster style wedding

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Welcome to our How To Guide: How to have a hipster style wedding! This may seem like a no-brainer, but never the less, here is exactly what to do to accomplish the perfect effortless looking hipster themed wedding – DIY style.

If you wear glasses skip your contact lenses and put on your geek glasses for the big day. And men – do a side part please.

Streamers are a perfect night time party after you tie the knot. Not to mention you can get em’ for cheap.

Get crafty! create your own decorations by crafting your own from personal items.

This is perhaps the most badass thing ever – animal face masks for the bridal party! Paired with mismatched dresses and dress pants there just aren’t enough words to explain how fantastic this is.

Tattoos? Yes – invite all your friends that have tattoos. And get a party tent!

Men – bowties and button down vests. Don’t event think about shaving off your hipster beard.

Find the perfect minimal geometric wedding invitations. These are by

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