European Style Elopement

European Style Elopement

Beautiful photos by: ELENA PETERS FOTOGRAFIE

Why not take all the money you saved from a traditional wedding that costs upwards of $20000 + dollars and go somewhere insane like Europe??!! Buy a lovely lace boho dress and some flowers, hire a photographer and boom – you’ve got yourself a DIY fabulous elopement for way less than your friends are doing it for. Plus you got a vacation to boot. The bride is sporting a vintage style sweater with lace sleeves and neckline tucked into a long see through skit with polka dots. Very retro The groom is sporting suspenders, a bowtie and a side part to complete the nostalgic feel. Pair that with some European buildings and your elopement just got taken to the next level.

Love how they are popping behind this vintage style door.

The bouquet is perfect to complete this look with a rich burgundy, soft green and pops of white for a lovely fall / winter elopement color palette.

Forgot to mention that the groom is brave enough and stylish enough to sport some skinny black hipster style jeans. They go great with the whole look and suspenders.

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